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Wayne Beeching's

Becoming an Animator
Adventure Guide

Game Building for Animators

Animators are animators. The same skills we learn for video and web design are awesome for creating video games. Today a game designer can download a quality game engine for free. Skilled animators are currently in high demand world wide to supply the characters and other game assets.

Coding is coding. Animators do not need to be coders, but it helps. Some animators are programmers with animation skills. Some others are graphic artists with animation skills, but every animator should understand coding well enough to talk to programmers. Every animator should learn some coding, enough to know that coding is easy (when you know how).

Programming computers shows animators how computers work. Most of programming today is not writing code. Most programming involves inputing data into forms and dragging icons. We also use code that is already written and is available in libraries. In fact we can think of a game engine as a code library.

To Mesh Modelling

Mesh model data defines vertices, edges, faces, textures and materials. Vector graphics and mesh modells can both be rendered to an image of any size from a relatively small file size.

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Being a graphic artist or an animator makes learning programming and game design a lot more fun. We can view our artwork on a web page or a game view and watch our characters come to life. Our board game example is unfinished but not overly simple. Many programmers don't realise that JavaScript is Object Oriented. Play it to see how it works. Then Right-Click to view the code that makes it run.

The board game example is meant as a starting point for learning OOP (object oriented programming) using JavaScript. As a game designer, can you imagine how to improve the game play? Could we include path branching? As an animator how would you produce better graphics?

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Click the Image to Play. Be patient, Unity takes up to a minute to load.
Note: some mobile platforms may not support Unity WebGL.

Animation is animation. A 2D animation involves the same skills and concepts as a 3D animation. An JavaScript driven animation for a web game involves the same skills and concepts as a C# driven game for the Unity game engine.

Interstingly (for programmers), this game was built using C#, but the Unity engine needed to rewrite it to JavaScript to display it on your Internet browser.