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Wayne Beeching's

Becoming an Animator
Adventure Guide

Vector Graphics

Vector graphic images are defined as paths that are filled or outlined with colour. Each path follows a series of anchor points. Each anchor point has a location and two handles. The handles are defined as vectors with two values: magnitude and direction.

Creating vector images is different from traditional drawing. When students are first introduced to VG they often become frustrated, but after a few hours of practice the new skills take hold. With a few days of experience graphic artists will create without frustration. Creating vector graphic images can be enjoyable and very rewarding.

To Pixel Graphics

A pixel is a dot on the screen. Computer monitor pixels are bigger than smart phone pixels. TV pixels are rectangular. Images are built from pixels, but the image pixels are rarely shown on the screen at one to one. Almost all images are scaled before they are displayed.


key words and key concepts:
Inkscape, custom, last selected, ellipse tool, circle, select, lock icon, width, opacity, duplicate, multiple selections, set colour, keyboard shortcut, rectangle, square, path difference, click and drag, handle, nodes (anchor points), ctrl+drag, insert nodes, lower selection, stroke, stroke style, eye dropper, fill, path inset, path outset, panning, path union, group, scale, rotate, un-group, deselect, round corners

To Mesh Modelling

Mesh model data defines vertices, edges, faces, textures and materials. Vector graphics and mesh modells can both be rendered to an image of any size from a relatively small file size.