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Wayne Beeching's

Becoming an Animator
Adventure Guide

Video Production for Animators

Story-boarding is far more than drawing sketches to illustrate a proposed movie. We start with sketches and gradually replace the sketches with different sketches, images and video. By building a slide-show video we can set and test the timing. We can even start building and testing a sound track. Story-boarding is the process of creating, inserting, timing and replacing place holder sketches.

Recomended Viewing

key words and key concepts:
angles, up shot (worms eye), down shot (birds eye), angles, composition, choosing, POV, point of view, identify with character, making connections, size matters, three quarter view, using background, background design

To Pixel Graphics

A pixel is a dot on the screen. Computer monitor pixels are bigger than smart phone pixels. TV pixels are rectangular. Images are built from pixels, but the image pixels are rarely shown on the screen at one to one. Almost all images are scaled before they are displayed.

Almost all videos are built from individual shots and clips. To stop our video from looking choppy, we overlap the clips and then add transitions. A transition is an type of animation: a change over time. Most often one clip will fade out as the next clip fades in.

A movie is built from many images that are displayed very quickly. Video is images that have been digitized and saved as computer data. To lessen the file size, video codecs compress the images by grouping pixels that look the same. Animators need to understand how computers manage image and video data to make the best choices in video editing.

Sometimes we want to change video in other ways, such as blurring or colour adjusting. To make changes to an image we use image editing software such as Photoshop. But how can we Photo-shop hundreds of frames in a video, or even make gradual changes to how much each frame is adjusted. Different video editors have different methods for adjusting video. Animators need to be graphic artists as well as video editors.

We build animations. If we want to build an animation for a video we will often use a transparent background so that we can combine it with existing footage. The process of combining images, animations and video as layers is called compositing.

To Mesh Modelling

Mesh model data defines vertices, edges, faces, textures and materials. Vector graphics and mesh modells can both be rendered to an image of any size from a relatively small file size.